Firstly let me explain my self my name is George Hancock i live in the UK and have been working as a self employed electrician – custom A/V installer, both not easy jobs and both very demanding, because of this in the end not very enjoyable when coupled with the stress of running your own business.

So two years ago i quite 

Stopped every thing for the search of residual this had to be better right, visit a customer sign them up earn the money once but get paid it for ever, it had me sold how about you.

Living the Dream

Well not in the case of selling telecoms and IT Support the investment was high, i spent all day driving to see customers then another day installing phones, I was busy but was spending money quicker than i could earn it,

Guess what happened? 

Thats rights  i went back to what i know best Custom A/V, but id learnt a lesson residual income is the way to financial freedom but there is a trick sell other peoples products of high value and to make it better sell internet based products and add content rich high ticket items, so this is what Im doing
developing my online presence to create my primary income from the internet, so on the 5 of January 2016, 18 days before my 33rd birthday i will live my freedom lifestyle


To be able to do what i love, well i love the internet and the tools it offers you can do and learn any thing on the internet, so now i love my Job i open my laptop get connected and i can work, if you can call it that,

But my main reasons are to have more free time spend time with my family doing what we love and carry out my passions rock climbing i could do this every day and I’ve told my self next year i will, skiing you can’t do this in the UK, currently slugging along with my part time job as a custom AV installer travelling is difficult.

Now some of you might think why not just live this life now, well that come down to my personal values i have current AV projects on the go that i must Finnish for my customers and these values follow on to my new online customers,

But When January comes and I’m living my freedom life style, i can work any where i have the internet
Ill spend school holidays in the Sun snow up mountains any where my family and I want, term time climbing in the UK,

Hope you enjoy my Posts please comment share your ideas ask questions. 

 Together we can Grow.