How to Face your Fears to Tap into your power?

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Fear is a normal feeling that we are successful most of the time to master - like the situation that causes it - and that does not prevent us from living our lives.
To be honest, I am scared of … almost everything ( snakes, spiders, failures, success..etc). I realized that Fear will stop me from reaching my goals in every area of your life.

I am listing here some tips on how I overcame my fears:

1) Determine exactly what you are afraid of 

For example , the thought to speak to a large audience paralyzes me. I determined that it was caused by the fear of being criticized or saying the wrong word (English is my second language). By knowing exactly what scares you, you will go through the following steps easier .

Watch here my first video ( you’ll see how scared I was to shoot the video, I cannot even watch the camera) :

2) Expose yourself repeatedly to your fear, in a controlled environment 

Start exposing yourself to your fear in small doses and gradually increase your exposure.

Taking small steps at a time, you begin to understand that the experience does not kill you and it is, at a pinch, just uncomfortable .

Being afraid of shooting videos, I shot 30 videos in 1 day. I feel more confident now as I focus my thoughts on the content to deliver instead of what my audience thinks about me.


 3) Learn relaxation techniques, both mental and physical .

Use these techniques before, during and after your exhibition attempts to fear so you take control of your thoughts.

I do some Yoga once a week to help me release my muscle tension.

Also , be optimisticYour mind creates your reality.

You can always turn your challenges into an opportunity. 

Be thankful for what you already have.

4) Expect to relapse and accept them .

When you feel you master your fears, do not worry if a stressful situation brings them back. It is not a sign of Failure . However , you should try to be exposed more often to your fear .

What if fear is good for you? What if fear reveals your confidence?

I am sharing with you an inspiring video from TED Karen Thompson Walker : What fear can teach us

Have you ever explored the connection between your fear and your imagination ?

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