MASTER TEACHER, Professor Dean, Kyoshi

A forty five year veteran of martial arts and holder of Black belt in five different arts, Professor Dean is the master teacher. He combines classical martial arts in a practical manner for health and self defense. A consummate student and true instructor, Professor Dean has a gift for teaching and enjoys sharing his skills with passion. Among the arts and styles he is an old school karateka and kobudo man from the early 70’s and has been a practitioner of tai chi, aikido, arnis and iaido sword, since the early 80’s. He has earned master level degrees in kobudo, karate and tai chi. Whether beginner or advanced black belt, all are welcome to train with us.

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 TRADITIONAL KARATE - The art of the empty hand, utilizing the body as a weapon. The hands, arms, and feet become weapons for self protection. Karate generally refers to Japanese and Okinawan styles that utilize striking with the hands and feet as weapons. Punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and open hand techniques like the palm heel and knife hand strikes are the norm. Historically and in some styles foot sweeping, grappling, joint locks and vital point striking are also taught. A major method of practice include kata of classical forms, routines designed to imbed techniques. . Excellent for coordination and body control.


AIKIDO – A Japanese martial art consisting of the primary use of circular movement to escape or deflect attacks  to neutralize them through the use of throws, joint manipulations, and pinning techniques. It’s main aim it to redirect energy to neutralize force and control the attacker. Practitioners of this art must be prepared to do lots of falling from their partners throws and develop excellent cardio conditioning from falling and rolling. Joints will  become more flexible through the bending and twisting.



TAI CHI CHUAN – From China this martial arts emphasize circular movement for deflection of power combined with striking techniques.  Though originally conceived as a martial art, it is also typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons including achieving greater health and longevity. As a result, a multitude of training forms exist, both traditional and modern, which correspond to those aims with differing emphasis. Some forms of tai chi are especially known for being practiced with relatively slow movements with emphasis on health, tai chi is an internal art often combined with a focus on Chi Kung /Qigong or energy work or circulation.

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KOBUDO WEAPONS –    If we look back into the 1700’s we will discover kobudo for the primary purpose of fighting with the Samurai of Japan who had invaded Okinawa. Kobudo weapons are said to have derived from everyday farming tools and fisherman tools converted into weaponry usage. History shows us that Te or karate came from China and kobudo developed along side of it. Many weapons such as the staff were common in many countries. Like other countries before it, Okinawa developed its particular way of using the weapon.  Today these weapons and their usage are preserved in the kata.  This is the birth of Kobudo or the ancient weaponry from Okinawa. The main weapons consist of the bo staff, sai  (three-pronged truncheon) , tonfa (millstone handle), kama  (sickle) and nunchaku (threshing flail) and kai/aku (oar). The techniques of  kobudo mimic the empty hand karate movements.




Traditional Karate Aikido Tai Chi Kobudo Weapons

                            Adult Class Schedule

Monday          Wednesday               Friday            Saturday

Karate                                            Karate           Tai Chi                    

6:30                 Privates                   6:30              1:30                        

Aikido                as                        Aikido     Weekend Warrior  

 7:30                Scheduled              7:30               2:30                                                   



Group Classes as Scheduled

Monthly Tuition $ 100                Karate or Aikido

Monthly Tuition $ 50                  Saturday Tai Chi or  Weapons

Daily Tuition $ 15                         per class

Karate and Aikido classes include Weekend Warrior Self defense classes

Private Lessons Available – as Scheduled

Per session   $60  Our  location

Per Session  $150 Your location   (individual or your group)

Discounts are available for pre-scheduled block sessions 

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